Anatomy & Histology - Department

A very spacious & well equipped Anatomy museum has been established with an aim to make students perfect in understanding the subject of Anatomy. Various specimens of different organs & models are present in the department besides charts, bones and skeletons, histological slides, audio/video C.D. that the faculty members avail to impart qualitative theoretical & practical teaching. Spacious Dissection Hall possess cadavers, maceration chamber, etc. There is a Demonstration room fitted with audio-visual aids. X-Ray studies are done with the help of x-Ray viewing Box.

Duration of Anatomy in the curriculum of BHMS is in the first 1 � years. Studies comprised of complete study of human Anatomy with the help of dissection of dead bodies. University Examination at the end of one and half years and every six months average/semester examination are conducted. There is separate minimum of 50 marks for theory and practical. Anatomy study is so planned as to present a general working knowledge of the structure of the human body. The amount of detail which a student requires is the functional anatomy of the living subject rather than on the static structure of the cadaver and on general anatomical positions and broad relations of the viscera, muscles, blood � vessels, nerves and lymphatic.

Study of the cadaver is only a means to this and students are not burdened with minute anatomical details of which have no clinical significance. This department is imparting training in the subject of human anatomy with its aim of inculcating in each pupil the complete understanding of the subject. The efforts are for simplified learning with the help of various audiovisual aids and computers.

"Rational Knowledge of Anatomy is essential to practice Homoeopathy. - J.T. Kent"


Special efforts are taken to make the student aware of each and every nuance of the human body.
The lectures are in the form of diagrammatic presentations and also demonstrations.
When teaching a specific topic special attention is given to the clinical importance so as to prepare a solid foundation for the learning of various clinical subjects as medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics.
Academic performance of each and every student is closely monitored by conducting periodical tests, records are duly maintained.
Extra attention for below average students by way of individual counseling and extra coaching classes.
Assessment examinations are taken as per the norms of W.B. University of health Sciences


Complete systematic dissection of human cadaver.
CD Demonstration of various anatomical structures.
Demonstration of human bones & visceral organs.
Demonstration of various artificial models of anatomical structures.
Demonstration of the modeled visceral parts extracted during dissection
Demonstration of X � Ray films for the basic knowledge of Radiology.


Charts display
Viscera specimen jar
X - Rays
Bones sets
Cadaver mummified
Arranging Guest Lectures of the experts in Anatomy

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