The subject is about medical jurisprudence also termed as legal medicine. This branch of medical science deals with application of the principles, knowledge of medicine to the purpose of law both civil and criminal. It includes the study of Legal procedures, Medical ethics, Forensic medicine.

The department has demonstrative materials like Weapons, bones, wet specimens, that are beautifully displayed over a wooden frame, Organic and Inorganic medico-legal specimens; Poisonous plants preserved in attractive containers for demonstration, Charts, diagrams, models, various legislations including H.C.C.Act, different types of oaths, Mental health Act etc etc of medico legal interest are also displayed. Special Tutorial classes are taken regularly for the backward students. The department takes special efforts to help the students concentrate on the finer aspects in accordance with the post mortem appearance, forwarding materials to chemical examiner, interpretation of laboratory findings, etc. also by witnessing medico-legal post-mortem autopsy examination conducted by the Staffs of Forensic Medicine Dept, Burdwan Medical College. Medico-legal autopsy related classes are also taken by Professor of F.M.T. of Burdwan Medical College and Hospital. The teachers take extra efforts in training students about legal procedures in courts & their jurisdiction, medical ethics etc.
Students are taken to Burdwan Medical college to see Post mortem autopsy examination. A minimum of 10 cases are witnessed and recorded by each student and authenticated by Prof. of F.M.T. of Burdwan Medical College & Hospital. Study visit to forensic lab and finger print bureau is also conducted time to time. Internees are also given 15 days training in the forensic Department.

Assessment examinations are taken as per the norms of W.B. University of health Sciences
Post mortem examination
Classification of injury
Medicolegal aspect
Rape, natural and unnatural sexual offences


A separate course of lectures dealing with poisoning in general symptoms & treatment of various poisoning. Ex � Corrosive poisons, irritant or non metallic poisons, metallic poisons, pesticides etc.

Be Flexible in life, stiffness a is a sign of Rigor Mortis.


In theory classes, to accentuate the topic example and incidence from daily life, newspapers, television are used. These illustrations help in easy comprehension for students. Practical consist of visit to Government Medical College for attending post mortem as observers. The students are encouraged for these live demonstrations.

Ethical behaviour should be self-imposed duty upon each Physician



Collection of weapons about 100 and more including blunt, sharp instruments, firearms, etc.
Poisons : Organic & Inorganic poisons, mechanical, chemical, vegetable, animals, metals, and mounted glass jar poisons for identification purpose.
Models : On burns, finger prints, occupational hazards, injuries etc
Charts : On sex determination, homoeopathic forensic act 1974 and various other topics
Transparencies : For Audiovisual demonstration of topic

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