All the departments open every day ( except Sunday & Holiday) from 9 AM to 2 PM


1. Pathological Laboratory:

Examination of Blood, Stool, urine, Sputum, Semen analysis, Pregnency Test, histopathology & Serology.

2. Biochemistry Laboratory:

Estimation of Blood biochemistry, hormone analysis.

3. Radiological Investigation:

i) X-Ray of different area through the body including Dental X-Ray

ii) Ultra Sonography (USG) - done regular basis.

iii) C.T. Scan ( under process)

iv) MRI ( under process)

v) EEG ( under process)

4. Cardiological Investigations:

i) ECG

ii) Echocardiogram ( under process)

iii) TMT ( under process)

iv) Angiogram ( under process)

v) CT Angio ( under process)

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